Sexual Abuse

For all the lawyers out there, this is all alleged.

Please see Liam Goligher's testimony regarding the naked beatings in the injunction transcript.  Notice that he admits that the elder's lied to the congregation, saying that the music minister was leaving to pursue new opportunities, when in reality he had been fired.

Here are my notes on the injunction transcript, to help you find the naked beating testimony.

Here is the injunction transcript.

Here is the transcript regarding the alleged rape/false imprisonment from the defamation trial on 03/19.

Now compare this to what senior minister Liam Goligher has to say in the injunction transcript above and what "A Member", aka Susan Elzey has to say in her comments on the Wartburg Watch article regarding the alleged rape/false imprisonment at a pastor's house and the alleged sexual harassment in the catacombs/basement of the church.

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