Thank you for visiting my blog.  Here you will find out the truth about Tenth Presbyterian Church regarding spritual abuse, sexual abuse, and their assault on free speech.  Feel free to contact me at versaphil1@gmail.com, and I  will be happy to try to answer any questions you might have.  I am sorry if I repeat myself in this blog, as these things are all interrelated.  I would also like to say that I know of many good people at Tenth, even some elders.  Unfortunately, the church leadership has been hijacked by the cult of Liam Goligher and his sychophants.  For all the lawyers out there, everything in this blog is alleged.  Here is a clip of my son and I mountain biking.  I could not figure out how to put it on my profile page so I put it here.
Also, for a better picture of my profile picture, check out my gofundme site.  Search for free speech in Philadlephia.
Here I am singing a solo at the church on 07/12/15 at 00:00-10:25 and 25:30-28:52.
Here is the program.

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