Free Speech

For all the lawyers out there, this is all alleged.

Tenth Presbyterian Church's assault on free speech in and out of the church has been extreme.

The elders removed me from being a deacon after I spoke out at a congregational meeting on 03/16/14 and forced them to tell the congregation about the naked beatings and exposed them to be liars.  See my notes on the injunction transcript and the injunction transcript from 10/10/17.

The elders called my letter to the congregation sent out in 01/16 "a horrible slander" and "utterly false" and then retracted their statements.  See Exhibits 1-3 from my affidavit.

On 10/23/16, after inviting me to his office for one of our regular meetings, the senior minister, Liam Goligher, served me with an excommunication and no trespassing notice and threatened to have me arrested within 1,000 feet of the church.  Notice that the no trespassing notice was not issued by a court, so it had no power over me one inch, let alone 1,000 feet off of their property.  Furthermore, note that the statute cited is not correct, so even if I entered the church, it is questionable if they could have me arrested.  Here are the excommunication and no trespassing notice.

Their lawyer threatened to sue me on 08/15/17 and 06/22/18.

Their lawyer again threatened to sue me on 11/25/18, along with every other threat he could think of.

On 07/24/19, they filed a defamation lawsuit/preliminary emergency injunction against me, saying I am threatening and harassing people, yelling at them, blocking entrances and exits, mentally ill, delusional, and fit the profile of a mass shooter.  You may recall that their previous injunction attempt against me failed, after I gave the judge a flash drive with body camera footage proving that they were lying.  There is a clip of that in the Wartburg Watch article.  Here is the lawsuit/preliminary emergency injunction.

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