Spiritual Abuse

For all the lawyers out there, this is all alleged.

Everyone knows what sexual abuse is and that it is prevalent in the church.  People may not realize what spritiual abuse is and that it may be more widespread than sexual abuse.  Wikipedia defines spiritual abuse this way.  "Religious abuse is abuse administered under the guise of religion, including harassment or humilitation, which may result in psychological trauma.  Religious abuse may also inlcoude misuse of religion for selfish, secular or ideological ends, such as the abuse of clerical position."  The Watchman Fellowship has created a spiritual abuse profile which fits Tenth Presbyterian Church very well.  1.  Authoritarian.  2.  Image Conscious.  3.  Suppress Criticism.  4.  Perfectionistic.  5.  Unbalanced.  Visit www.watchman.org for more information.  The National Domestic Violence Hotline has this to say about it.  "Spiritual abuse can be hard to identify, but is no less difficult to endure than any other kind of abuse."

Consider Tenth Presbyterian Church's actions against me.

They threatened to excommunicate me and removed me from being a deacon after I spoke out at the congregational meeting on 03/16/14 and forced them to hold another meeting on 03/30/14, where they told the congregation that the real reason the music minister left was not to pursue new opportunities, but because of naked beating incidents.  See the injunction transcript.

Here are my notes on the injunction transcript to show you where to look.

Here is the injunction transcript from 10/10/17.

They called my letter to the congregation on 01/16 "horrible slander" and "utterly false", and then retracted their statements.  See Exhibits 1-3 from my affidavit for the defamation trial held on 03/19.

They excommunicated me and issued a no trespassing notice against me and had my wife and minor children leave the church in the presence of a police officer.

This was after Liam Goligher had emailed me and asked me to come to his office for one of our regular meetings.  See exhibit 17 from the affidavit above.

They repeatedly threatened to sue me.  See their lawyers letters below.

They have attempted to get injunctions against me by lying and saying that I am threatening, harassing, mentally ill, delusional, and fit the profile of a mass shooter.

Here is the injunction from the hearing on 10/10/17.https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzbfeNlz_Uq4Qmt6MlRkT050dWpFOERYXzVUQ19yMmYzYnp3/view?usp=sharing

Here is the injuction from 07/24/19.  This is also a defamation lawsuit. 

Here is every threat their lawyer can think of to get me and my sign of the public sidewalk.

If these things are not spiritual abuse, I do not know what is.  Of course, I am not alone in these matters.  The Episcopal Priest Bob Malm excommunicated Eric Bonetti and called him a domestic terrorist because he complained of bullying.  Check out bobmalm.com for more information on that.

Here is an article by Ryan Ashton on the subject.

Here is an article by Jimmy Hinton on the subject.

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