Main Players

For all the lawyers out there, this is all alleged.

The main players, or perjury club includes senior minister Liam Goligher, elder George McFarland, administrator Douglas Baker, and "A Member", aka Susan Elzey.  More to come in time.

Senior Minister Liam Goligher

In/around 01/13, he failed to inform the congregation that a woman had been sexually harassed in the catacombs/basement of the church.

Here are some emails regarding the incident.

Here is the transcript from the defamation trial on 03/19 regarding the rape/false imprisonment and sexaul harasment.  The testimony regarding the sexual harassment is on pages 17-18.

In 05/13 and 06/13, he failed to stop elders from forcing the benevolence committee to give aid to an illegal alien.  This appears to be harboring an illegal alien, which is a federal felony, per 8 USC1324.  I understand that people have different views on this.  However, I think we can all agree that elders should not be forcing people to give aid and that people's money should not be used for questionable purposes without their knowledge or consent.  If private individuals want to give aid, as many did, then that is their business.

Here is my affidavit from my defamation lawsuit against the church.  See Exhibit 13.

In 2014, he, and all the leaders, lied to the congregation regarding the reasons behind the music minister's departure (naked beatings).  He, and all the elders, told the congregation that the music minister was leavig to pursue new opportuities, when in reality he had been fired.  He admitted his, and all the elders' duplicity in this, in the injunction transcript.

Here are my notes, i.e. roadmap, to the injunction transcript.

Here is the injunction transcript.

On 01/21/16, he, and all the elders, called my letter to the congregation a "horrible slander" and "utterly false" and then they retracted their statements in an email to the congregation on 02/14/16.  See Exhibits 1-3 from the affidavit above.

On 10/18/16 he emailed me and invited me to his office for one of our regular meetings, where, on 10/23/16, he excommunicated me, served me with a no trespass notice, and had me escorted downstairs by a police officere, where I was met by my wife and minor children.  He also unlawfully threatened to have me arrested if I came within 1,00 feet of the church.  I say unlawful because since the no trespass notice was not issued by a court, it had no power over me one inch, let alone one thousand feet, from the property.  Also, the statue cited, 350(b) was not correct, so technically, I could probably go on their property and their would be nothing they could do about it, though of course, I would not do so.  See Exhibit 17 from the affidavit above regarding the email invitation.

Here are the excommunication letter and no trespass notice.

On 08/15/17, his lawyer threatened to sue me if I mailed the congregation any more letters.  I responded by going down to the church and handing out letters from a public sidewalk on 09/10/17.  His lawyer then filed a preliminary injunction against me to stop me from coming within 1,000 feet of the church or communicating with the congregation.  This preliminary injunction was slanderous and false, i.e., they committed perjury by saying I was threatening and harassing people.  At the preliminary injunction hearing on 10/10/17, he repeatedly committed perjury and misled the judge into making false statemtemts regarding me.  However, she did deny the preliminary injunction.  See my post from 08/25/19.

Here are his lawyer's letters threatening to sue me.

On 11/25/18, his lawyer threatened me with every threat he could think of in an attempt to stop me from standing on the public sidewalk and holding my sign.

Here is the letter in question.

At the trial on 03/19, he committed perjury, saying that what was "utterly false" in my letter on 01/16 was that I called the incident in the catacombs/basement of the church sexual assault when it was actually sexual harassment.  It is true that I made an unintentional technical error in Pennsylvania, partly becaue I went through a police academy in California, where, I believe, it would be classified as sexual assault.  However, he repeatedly referred to it as sexual assault himself at the preliminary injunction hearing on 10/10/17, which means he was not aware himself that it was sexual harassment at this time, which is approximately five years after the incident and three years after my letter.  Also, no one pointed this error out to me in all that time, and in fact, in a meeting, held on 01/26/16 with Bruce McDowell, Clive Stockdale, Steve Forde, and Dora McFarland/Phan, he told me that what he thought was "utterly false" was the alleged rape/false imprisonment.  See my notes on the injunction transcript and the injunction transcript above.  Also, see my affidavit above, specifically Exhibit 4.

On 07/19, his lawyer filed a defamation lawsuit against me, something he testified in the injunction hearing on 10/10/17 he would never allow as it would be against his religion, and his lawyer also filed a preliminary injunction against me, saying all kinds of lies, that I was threatening and harassing people, that I was blocking entrances and exits, that I was armed, and that I was mentally ill, delusional, and fit the profile of a mass shooter.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of people who have observed me on the public sidewalk these past two years who can testify that these things are false.

Here is the defamation lawsuit and preliminary injunction filed in 07/19.

In summary, there is a pattern of negligence and incompetence, lying and committing perjury, and threats and spritiual abuse.  An elder is to be above reproach.  Liam Goligher fails to meet this standard.  He should resign or be fired.

Elder George McFarland

As the Clerk of Session, he was Liam's right hand man and his co-defendant in the defamation trial, since he also signed the letter which called my letter "horrible slander" and "utterly false".  See my affidavit, specifically exhibits 1-3.  He also provided the affidavit for the first injunction hearing on 10/10/17, which was denied, since I proved that their assertions, i.e. lies, i.e. perjury, that I was threatening and harassing people was false.  Please see my body camera footage in the Wartburg Watch aritcle.  Here is his affidavit.
Finally, at the defamation trial in 03/19, he lied and said that what was "uttelry false" in my letter was that I called the sexual harassment sexual assault, when he was not even aware of this at the time.  See the documents above on the injunction and the exhibits in my affidavit, specifically exhibit 4.  Notice that he either did not know or refused to tell me what was "utterly false" in my letter.

In summary, he has repeatedly lied and committed perjury, as well as been part of the threats and spiritual abuse directed toward me.  An elder is to be above reproach.  George McFarland fails to meet this standard. He should resign or be fired.

Administrator Douglas Baker

Douglas Baker recently was hired as church administrator after the previous elder/administrator was fired for sexual harassment in/around 01/18.  I have never spoken to him and he has never spoken to me, so I had nothing against him until the lawsuit/injunction was filed in 07/19.  He provided the affidavit in support of these outrageously slanderous and false documents.

In summary, in his affidavit in support of the lawsuit/injunction filed on 07/19, he has repeatedly lied and committed perjury.  Douglas Baker left the church in/around 12/19.  Interestingly, one of his new gigs is at the university where the naked beatings occurred.

"A Member", aka Susan Elzey

Susan Elzey, aka "A Member" first came to my attention when she viciously attacked me online on the Wartburg Watch, calling me a liar and mentally unstable.  Here is an excerpt from the article.

Notice that she seems to have a personal vendetta against me because I said that her husband touched a woman inappropriately.  Actually, what I said was that no one should touch a problem person, in this case a mentally disturbed woman.  I recall that the Director of Mercy Ministries, Dr. David Apple, agreed with this assessment.  Here is an email showing what I actually said.  (Sorry, I can get this link to work, but you can email me at to request permission to view).

As to her son's cell phone being taken at a youth group event, she fails to mention that multiple items were taken from multiple people and that someone did call the police at a latter time form another location.  It is ironic that she accuses me of half truths, distortions of truth, and lies, when she in fact is the one doing these things, not me.  See my affidavit, specifically exhibit 12

Next, she accuses me of having mental issues.  It is standard procedure to attack the accuser in every way, including their mental stability.  If you look at my affidavit, specifically exhibit 7, you will see that I have a concealed weapons permit, which means that law enforcement has done a background investigation of me and found that I am mentally competent to carry a firearm.  Also, I was a deacon and worked with children at the church for years, so if I have mental issues, the elders would be guilty of negligence and gross incompetence for allowing me to do these things.  I also have a master's degree, a credit score of around 800, worked at the same job for 8 years, lived in the same house for 11 years, and been married for 25 years.  My wife and children are loved and admired wherever they go.  Ask any one at Tenth and they will tell you the same.  So where is the instablility?  You have to look at the totality of one's life, not at just a few emails taken out of context from years ago.  I am sure we have all sent emails that we wish we could take back, but we can not. 

Regarding the music director, she fails to mention that the elders lied to the congregation, telling them that he was leaving to pursue new opportunities when in fact he was fired, and only told the congregation the truth after I spoke out at a congregational meeting and forced them to.  So who is leaving "lots of details conveniently left out"?  See my notes on the injunction transcript and the injunction transcript.

Next, she reduces the sexual attack in the catacombs/basement of the church to "an adult person having their ankle touched as they passed by a homeless person".  See the rape/false imprisonment/sexual harassment transcript, specifically pages 17 and 18.  Also, see my affidavit, specifically exhibit 10, where Executive Minister Marion Clark references the victim being repeatedly hugged to the point of pain.  I know the victim, I can tell you that she was not at all happy with Susan Elzey's belittling  of what happened.  Here is the rape/false imprisonment/sexual harassment transcript.

Then she refers to the alleged rape/false imprisonment this way.  "The problem is, the 'crimes' are fiction.  Rape?  Come to the rail and find out what he defines as 'rape'."  I would refer you to the rape/false imprisonment transcript above so you can read for yourself and make your own decision as to who you want to believe.

As to being banned from serving in other areas, I voluntarily resigned because I needed to focus on dealing with the elders.  As to letting everyone know I carried a gun, it was not everyone, but only those people involved with the security apparatus, primarily deacons.  The reason I carried a gun was because of my background in armed security and law enforcement training, to protect the congregation from the gross negligence and incompetnece ot the elders, who refused my request for a police presence on Sunday's.  See my affidavit, specifically exhibit 11.

As to Liam Goligher, if you look at what he has done to me, you will see that not only has he not worked to expose and eradicate abuse, but he is actually an abuser himself.  See my headliner page
on Spritual Abuse.

Susan Elzey, aka "A Member" committed perjury at the defamation trial on 03/19, saying that I was loud and belligerant when I left the church, because I said "were oughta here".  She again committed perjury in the defamaiton lawsuit/injunction filed on 07/19, saying that I yelled at her and called her a liar in front of her children.  First of all, I have never yelled at anybody when I am protesting, and secondly, her "children" per the injunction or "child and a guest" per Susan Elzey, appear to be adults in their twenties.  See the body camera footage for yourself.  She comes into view at 11:14:11.
Now at the hearing she testified that she said "good morning" to someone else and not "how disappointing" to me.  She is hard to hear, but you hear me say "Yes, you are".  Now which of these two statements do you thing I am responding to?  It is important because the question is who initiated the communication.  I can tell you that my modis operandi is to wait for people to address me first.  In the rare instances when I do communicate first, it is in a friendly manner.  She is an accomplished liar, because when she was confronted with the body camera footage in court, she did not flinch a bit, but continued right on lying in the face of reality.

In summary, Susan Elzey, aka "A Member" is guilty of what she accuses me of, "half truths, distortions and unfounded and hyperbolic accusations at every turn."  She should be excommunictated and have a no trespassing notice issued against her.  Just for good measure she should be threatened with arrest if she comes within one thousand feet of the church.

Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

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