Sunday, August 25, 2019

For all the lawyers out there, this is all alleged.

2019 Injunction Claims I Am Mentally Ill, Delusional, and Fit the Profile of a Mass Shooter

In Tenth Presbyterian Church's latest attack on free speech, they have made bizarre and desperate accusations that I am mentally ill, delusional, and fit the profile of a mass shooter.  This is similar to when Episcopal Priest Bob Malm called Eric Bonetti a domestic terrorist when he complained of bullying.  You can read more about that at  Here is Tenth's defamation lawsuit and emergency injunction, filed on 07/24/19.

So they have made good on their threats made on 11/25/18.
Here is their lawyer's letter with every threat he can think of.

You may recall that their previous injunction attempt on 10/10/17, when they said I was threatening and harassing people, failed, because my body camera proved they were lying.  There is a clip from my body camera in the Wartburg Watch article.   

Unfortunately, the injunction hearing judge on 10/10/17 was mislead by the lies of the defendant,
Senior Minister Liam Goligher, because she twice declined to see my evidence, into making statements that I admitted to intentionally making false statements.  Here are the judge's statements.

Now if  you look at the injunction transcript, the judge's assertion that I admitted to making false statements is simply not there.  What is there is the fact that she twice declined to see my evidence that Senior Minister Liam Goligher was lying.  Here are my notes, i.e. roadmap to the transcript.

Here is the injunction transcript.

Here is the evidence, which the judge refused to see, that Liam Goligher was lying.

Here is the injuction attempt from 10/10/17.

Notice that the letter in question, Exhibit "B", is not just addressed to Liam Goligher, but to the elders in general.  So the judge's assertion that I am bringing up events that occured before they were in their present postion is incorrect.  For example, Liam Goligher's co-defendant, George McFarland testified at the defamation trial in 03/19, that he had been an elder for thirty-five years, which is many years before any of the incidents I mention.  There are many other elders whose tenure preceded any of the incidents I mention, like Bruce McDowell, who also was an elder at Tenth for thirty five years, and Dave Collins, who testified at the defamation hearing that his tenure began in 1999.

If one looks at the injuction transcript, the judge simply does not know the basic facts.  She does not know when any of the incidents occur.  She does not know how many elders there are.  She doe not know how long any of them have been serving.  All she knows, is that Liam Goligher keeps saying that nothing happened on his watch, when in reality, he is lying, as proved by the evidence above which she declined to look at.

As to their assertion that I called the incident in the catacombs a sexual assault when in reality it was sexual harassment, this is actually true for once.  However, it was an unintentional error, as everyone in leadership was calling it sexual assault, including Liam Goligher, who refered to it as such in the injuction transcript of 10/10/17, which is nearly five years after the incident.  It is interesting, to say the very least, that after my first letter went out in 01/16, until the defamation trial on 03/19, no one pointed out my error to me.  In fact, in an email to the congregation on 02/14/16, they retracted their statements that my letter was "horrible slander" and "utterly false".  So again, when they stated at the defamation trial on 03/19 that me calling the sexual harassment sexual assault was what was "utterly false", they were lying.  In any event, it was not "utterly false".  I did not just make something up out of nothing.  A woman was sexually attacked in the catacombs, as Liam Goligher admitted at the defamation trial, whatever one wants to call it.  Personally, I still think that to the layman the term sexaul assault conveys the serious nature of the event that caused the victim to be very afraid to be more accurate than sexual harassment, which I think of as someone telling a dirty joke, as probably caused the elder/church administrator to be fired in/around 01/18.

Here is my affidavit for the defamation trial.  My first letter and the elders retraction are Exhibits 1-3. Of course, there are many other important documents as well that you might want to review.

Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions. 

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