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For all the lawyers out there, this is all alleged.

Body Camera Proves 2019 Injunction Was Slanderous and False

You may recall that in my last post, on 02/23/20, my body camera proved that the 2017 injunction attempt was slanderous and false.  My body camera also proved that the 2019 injunction was slanderous and false, and that senior minister Liam Goligher, church administrator Douglas Baker, and Susan Elzey, aka "A Member", lied to the judge.  I did not threaten, harass, accost, yell at, block, brandish, etc.  While the 2017 injunction attempt was only concerned with one day, 09/10/17, the 2019 injunction attempt was concerned with 2019, beginning with my first appearance after the defamation trial, which was on 04/21/19, Easter Sunday, and continuing until the injunction was filed on 07/19.  Here are my notes on the body camera footage.
Here is the body camera footage, beginning with 04/21/19, Easter Sunday.  Note that contrary to what Liam Goligher testified to, that I accosted an elderly African American woman, I have no interaction with an elderly African American woman whatsoever.
The church testified that I was there every consecutive Sunday after Easter.  That was not true.  It was nearly a month before I returned on 05/19/19, probably due to rain.  Here it is.
Here is 05/26/19.
Here is 06/02/19.
Here is 06/09/19.
At 10:41:44-10:42:18, Douglas Baker took pictures of me and then walked by me in close proximity to me with his back turned to me, apparently without fear.  I said nothing to him.  In fact, we have never communicated with each other.
Here is 06/16/19.
At 11:14-11-28, Susan Elzey and her adult child and guest walk by me.  She said that I was disappointing (because I was holding my sign).  I responded by saying that she was disappointing because she lied in court (at the defamation trial).  Susan Elzey lied multiple times at the hearing on 01/30/20 regarding this incident.  See my notes on the injunction transcript.
Here is 06/23/19.
Here is 06/30/19.  This is the only time I was at an evening service, because I forgot to charge my body camera the night before.
At 18:33, Michelle Bennet and Susan Elzey appear.
Here is 07/07/19.
Here is 07/14/19.
At 10:33:31-10:33:49 I state that there are no modern prophets.  This contradicts claims in the injunction  that I said that I am a prophet.

Unfortunately, once again a judge chose to believe the lies of the church's representatives rather than look at my evidence which proved that they were lying.  The judge granted the church's request for an injunction against me, preventing me from coming within 5,000 feet of the church, permanently.  A mile is 5,280 feet.  The order and a map are below.
So one man telling the truth is no match for multiple people telling lies, some of them with doctorates, and their super lawyer from an international mega law firm supported by a team of excellent lawyers, as I learned at the defamation trial, which I may write about soon.

Here is the injunction from 2019.
Here is the injunction transcript, index, and my notes for the hearing on 01/30/20.
Here is the injunction transcript, index, and my notes for the hearing on  02/10/20.

The church argued that they filed the injunction because after the defamation trial, I became more aggressive and threatened, harassed, accosted, yelled at, blocked, brandished, etc.  The body camera proves that this was false.  In addition, you may recall that they threatened me with an injunction, etc prior to the defamation trial, on 11/25/18, after the very first time I appeared with my sign.  So it was not my behavior that caused this, but my sign.  See their lawyers letter dated, 11/25/18, and the picture that Liam Goligher took below.

The church also argued that they thought I was about to attack them because there was an increased social media presence after the defamation trial.  You may recall that the Wartburg Watch article came out on 12/31/18, before the defamation trial.  I started this blog in 08/19, after and in response to the injunction they filed in 07/19.  Here is the receipt from google domains proving this.
Liam Goligher testified that he saw something on twitter that I had put out.  I have never been on twitter in my life, do not text, have never communicated with anyone on facebook, and do not have a smart phone.  The internet can be searched to prove what I am saying.  Perhaps they are referring to activity done by others on my behalf.  I did start a gofundme page after the defamation trial, but I had a different one up prior to the defamation trail, which was what the Wartburg Watch article was based on, so that is not an increase in activity.

The church also dug up a couple of emails I sent five years ago, took them out of context, and twisted them, to indicate I was an imminent threat to them in 2020.  One needs to consider the totality of a situation, not just an isolated piece, like looking at my entire body camera footage for example, or not just looking at a couple of emails, but the eighty emails I sent expressing my concern for the safety and security of the congregation.  See below.
One must consider the whole person, not just an isolated part.  Consider that I have a credit score of around 800, a master's degree in music, a concealed weapons permit, have worked at the same job for eight years, lived in the same house for eleven years, been married for twenty-five years, and was a deacon and Sunday school teacher, as well as a public school teacher, armored car guard, and ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician.  See below.

The church also attacked my character, in particular by using Judge Fletman's remarks that I admitted to intentionally making false statements and lying.  The 2017 injunction transcript and my post from 08/25/19 demonstrate that the judge's statements were not true and that in reality she was mislead by the lies of Liam Goligher.  The 2019 injunction judge seemed to give much weight to the fact that she believed I was defaming the church in her decision to grant the order.  Whether I was telling the truth or not should not have had any bearing on her decision to grant an injunction, as even Judge Fletman acknowledge in her order denying the 2017 injunction.  Needless to say, I am appealing the order granting the 2019 injunction request, especially since the church only asked for 1,000 feet, not 5,000.

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